Q&A: Netflix’s ‘Cooking on High’ Show-Stealer Ngaio Bealum

Probably the best part of Netflix’s new, low-budget, unscripted cooking contest show, Cooking on High, is the platform it gives veteran stoner comedian and writer Ngaio Bealum of Sacramento, CA.

The show’s producers pitched Bealum a modest web TV series where two relatively unknown weed chefs would cook a meal for D-list celebrity judges. Bealum added jokes, cannabis information, and friendliness. Easy enough.

But Netflix picked up the show for distribution and marketing June 22, which has led to an explosion of interest in Bealum, a stand-up comic, weed journalist, and cannabis event MC.

We caught up with Bealum during a layover on his way back from the International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver. He disclosed his past career as a weed chef, gave some tips for cooking, and made observations on California legalization and #permitpatty. (This Q/A was edited for clarity and length.)

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