The Best Cannabis Products for Your Summer Picnic Basket

Lakes, fields, beaches, and streams are just begging for use as summer heats up. Pack up a blanket, grab your toking essentials, and load up on all the infused goodies you can find for an outing fit for the memory books.

Headed to the Beach? Get a Strain on the Way

Does your partner have a beloved strain? Pair it with infused chips. Do your friends prefer a bottle of rosé? Consider a nice cannabis champagne instead. You can make a lasting impression getting elevated in the summer sun with your favorite people and our guide to the ultimate cannabis-infused picnic.

Step One: Stock Up on Delicious Cannabis Essentials

You can’t have a picnic without the perfect picnic snacks. We stuck to our own backyard and shopped Seattle, WA (with a few outliers in between), but many markets provide similar products, so you don’t have to miss out. Here’s what inspired us:


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