Netflix’s ‘Cooking on High’ Should Have Been So Much Better

Recreational legalization has changed things. Yes, it’s given us recreational dispensaries, but it’s really kicked the world of weed media into gear. With our love of cooking competition shows, it only makes sense that a weed-infused cooking competition show has surfaced. Cooking on High is Netflix’s newest culinary venture, a clear attempt to be the first platform to nab that low-hanging fruit of a premise. Perhaps they should have waited a bit longer though — Cooking on High simply isn’t ready. It’s pretty undercooked.

A Little Too Stoney

The biggest issue with Cooking on High is that the whole thing feels a bit amateur. How are people supposed to take weed seriously if the show itself doesn’t take it seriously? Rather than focus on the idea of people cooking high-quality, cannabis-infused meals, they’ve focused on stoney baloney antics. It actually seems like the food is an afterthought, which, ya know, maybe isn’t

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