July 2018

Wana Brands is one of Colorado’s biggest producers of cannabis-infused edibles.Courtesy of Wana Brands. Nancy Whiteman, CEO of Wana Brands.Courtesy of Wana Brands. Boulder-based Wana Brands, one of Colorado’s largest producers of cannabis-infused edibles, is making a bet on the Sunshine State — even though Florida hasn’t legalized cannabis consumables yet. “To my knowledge, no […]

I love a good cocktail party. Especially ones that give me the opportunity to take my guest’s palates to another level.  This little cocktail party served notice that great mixed drinks don’t have Fireball or Tito’s (the big, popular brand names) in them. Far from. They take great parts and incredible hand-made, craft spirits and bring these […]

With high-value crops and the industry’s cash-heavy reputation, it’s not surprising that cultivation-business security generates a lot of interest—and tight lips. Staying compliant with stringent state regulations is an essential first step in securing your grow, but the lessons learned through experience can be priceless. Cannabis Business Times interviewed several market insiders willing to talk […]

Photographer: Matthew Staver/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Ross Phillip When Canada officially launches its recreational marijuana market later this year, the federal government will provide the nation’s cannabis farmers with some of the same funding opportunities as other green thumb industrialists. Earlier this month, agricultural ministers representing every level of government decided during their annual meeting […]

As the cannabis market develops and expands across the United States, more new consumers will become regular consumers. Cannabis businesses must adapt to this rapidly changing consumer landscape and stay ahead of developing trends to excel in tomorrow’s industry. Arguably the most rapidly evolving product category is cannabis-infused edibles, which is projected to make up […]

It’s common knowledge to dabbers that a kitchen torch works wonderfully to heat up dab nails, but it’s easy to forget it can also be used to actually make things in the kitchen, most notably crème brûlée. This recipe explains another way to get stoned with a torch and dabs — no rig required! Canna-Brûlée […]

A Toronto-based startup called Province Brands claims to have created the world’s first cannabis beer, which substitutes barley for cannabis. As The Guardian reports, the Ontarian company behind the innovation uses the byproduct of the cannabis plant to create their low-calorie, gluten-free cannabis beer, which holds a dry, less sweet, and more savory flavor profile […]

Whether you realize it or not, the marijuana industry is big business — and it’s about to get bigger. On June 19, after months of debate in the Senate and nearly two weeks of back-and-forth between the Senate and House of Commons, Canada’s Parliament passed bill C-45, which is more commonly known as the Cannabis […]

In Massachusetts, legislators have not been speedy to issue retail recreational marijuana licenses, though three were approved this week for shops in Northampton, Brookline and Amesbury. But legal hurdles haven’t stopped eager entrepreneurs from hashing out business ideas. Hundreds of businesspeople, consumers and enthusiasts gathered at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston on Friday to promote products and discuss ways to […]

One in five batches of marijuana has failed laboratory testing since new state safety requirements kicked in July 1, according to data from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. Failures have been triggered by inaccurate labeling or contamination from pesticides, bacteria or processing chemicals. Those testing requirements and results have left some retailers with severely limited […]