This BC-based online dispensary wants to be the craft beer of marijuana edibles

Can you imagine a time when cannabis is as readily available and culturally revered as craft beer?

Paul Rock does. He’s one of the co-founders and spokesperson of Budderweeds, an online “craft” marijuana dispensary and edibles vendor that is hoping to fill a very specific niche in the growing industry.

Budderweeds went live in September 2017, however the founders had been researching getting into the dispensary biz for at least a year prior. With Canada in the process of legalizing recreational marijuana, the wheels are moving slowly–albeit faster than even just a year before–to grant companies licences.

In Vancouver, many cannabis vendors are upfront about working without a licence. Rock says that, for the time being, Budderweeds is 100 per cent black market, however they are relying on the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Police Department’s decision to not prosecute companies like theirs.

The Budderweeds team couldn’t wait to get their “small

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