Now You Can Make Dispensary-Grade Cannabis Products At Home

There’s a device that’s about to make your pot a lot more potent. Meet Attorney Shanel Lindsay. She’s the founder and president of Ardent, which makes the Nova Decarboxylater, (aka the “Nova Decarb”), which Lindsay invented.

The Nova Decarb allows anyone to make any dispensary-grade products they can think of, with very little starting material, in the comfort and privacy of their own personal space. Fast acting sublinguals, effective topicals, and even accurate edibles, are all possible, with a small supply of herb.

“Ardent means passionate and I think that embodies everything cannabis is about. I have an ardent love for cannabis and I want to share that with people. We are genuine, true and are changing the perception of this plant,”Lindsay said.

Getting that good-good ready for the three day weekend. We 💚 using Ardent’s NOVA decarboxylator to get our hash to the perfect temp. Just set

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