More People Hospitalized By Synthetic Cannabis Allegedly Laced With Rat Poison

Poisoning cases caused by synthetic cannabis have emerged once again in Illinois, this time in Winnebago County. In the recent weeks, a handful of Illinois residents have been hospitalized due to synthetic cannabis according to a report from Robert McCoppin via the Chicago Tribune.

Similar poisoning cases have been reported in the state since March, hospitalizing as many as 164 people and causing the death of four in Cook and Peoria counties.

State health authorities are warning residents to stay away from synthetic cannabinoids, though authorities aren’t clear if the most recent cases are related to the previous batch which was found to contain as brodifacoum – a type of rat poison.

“Through continued monitoring, we’ve recently learned of new cases of individuals experiencing severe bleeding after using synthetic cannabinoids. We don’t know if this is a new batch of drugs or product that has been held back from when

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