Oklahoma Legalized Medical Marijuana, to the Likely Dismay of Scott Pruitt

What a difference four years makes. In 2014, Oklahoma and Nebraska were suing Colorado in federal court for this state’s decision to legalize recreational marijuana, but now the Sooner State is starting to catch up with Colorado’s affinity for the plant — and in some cases, even surpass it.

On Tuesday, June 26, voters approved Question 788, making Oklahoma the thirtieth state in the country to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. The measure passed with 57 percent approval and is being lauded by MMJ advocates for its broad-reaching nature. Unlike the large majority of states with MMJ programs (including Colorado), Oklahoma will allow doctors to recommend marijuana for any condition they see fit.

The victory represents a shifting tide in the traditionally Republican state as legalizing marijuana becomes less of a bipartisan issue. Opponents of the measure reportedly spent around $500,000 on TV ads to derail the

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