HollyWeed North Manufacturing & Extracts Inc. (A Subsidiary of HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc.) Receives Dealer’s …

In addition, HollyWeed Manufacturing and Extracts Inc. will be able to manufacture products as per current regulatory specifications and export them to the approved countries. 

Obtaining the license will allow HollyWeed Manufacturing and Extracts to work with Canadian Licensed Producers as a contract manufacturer of approved cannabis products as well as to perform research and development activities to develop novel extraction methods/technologies and product formulations.

In making the announcement, Gagnon stated: “It has been my pleasure to assemble a supergroup, give them the resources they need and now obtaining our license is the result.  Record time and easy inspection, we are now positioned to lead the manufactured cannabis space.”

About HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc.: HollyWeed North operates as licenser and publisher of their partner’s intellectual properties (recipes, formulas, etc.) and distribute products within legal jurisdictions, extending partner brands into multiple markets.

They provide cross-border cannabis product research, development, licensing and legal production

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