5 Burning Questions You May Have About Netflix’s ‘Cooking on High’

In addition to creating mainstream critical darlings like Stranger Things and The Crown, Netflix also churns out an array of original movies and TV shows that appeal to highly niche audiences. Whether you’re hungry for a new Pee-wee Herman adventure, a soap opera featuring the Medici Family, a holiday rom-com about an aspiring journalist who falls in love with a dashing prince, or an oddball revival of a mid-’90s TGIF staple, Netflix has got you covered. And now, in a further attempt to offer something for everyone, the entertainment titan has deployed a new cooking series geared at people who like to get stoned out of their gourds on a regular basis by folding marijuana into trendy comfort foods.

Here are some questions you maybe have about Cooking on High, the series that’s being billed as “the first-ever cannabis cooking show,” along with

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