4 recipes perfect for your Canada Day party

Canada Day’s coming up – let’s eat! And let’s enjoy foods reflective of everything that is great about our country (cannabis cooking notwithstanding – that’s for another day and another food page!)

As Canadians we enjoy foods that pay homage to the places where we live – be it poutine in Quebec to lobster from the Atlantic provinces, to Montreal’s smoked meat, Ontario’s butter tarts, Alberta’s beef, Canadian bacon just about everywhere and, of course, maple syrup. Oh – and beer. It wouldn’t be Canada Day without quaffing a cold one (even a non-alcoholic one) and a barbecue.

And let’s not forget our awesome selection of award-winning wines and spirits – vodka made from our icebergs, ice wines made from our famous grapes.

So, wear your national spirit with pride, and don something red and white this weekend. And pay tribute to this special birthday by paying it forward – donating to a

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