Netflix’s ‘Cooking On High’ Is A Low-Brow Look Into The Cannabis Cuisine Scene

‘Cooking on High’ judge Mod Sun and expert Ngaio Bealum.

Debuting on June 22 as television’s first-ever cannabis cooking competition show, I was optimistic as I settled into the couch on Friday night for a “Cooking on High” streaming session. From farm-to-table feasts in Boulder to pop-up warehouse parties in downtown Los Angeles to wine and weed pairing dinners in San Francisco, the cannabis cuisine scene has reached an unprecedented level of sophistication. But after only one episode in (and making it all the way through to the finale), all hope was lost.

Where Viceland has succeeded with “Bong Appétit” and “Weediquette,” Netflix still hasn’t figured out exactly how to program pot. Following the short-lived comedy “Disjointed,” this Stage 13-produced original series is only its second foray into the subject.

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