Will ‘Cooking On High’ Return For Season 2? Netflix’s Newest Cooking Show Has A Weed-Based Twist

It’s 4:20 somewhere! Joining the ranks of more traditional culinary offerings like Chef’s Table, Cooked, and Ugly Delicious, Netflix released its newest joint, Cooking on High, on June 22. The cannabis kitchen show features two chefs who face off against each other to see who can make the better Mary Jane-based dish. Their food is then critiqued by celebrity judges who get more and more high-spirited as the competition progresses. Fans of the show and its unique premise are likely wondering: Will Cooking on High return for Season 2?

VICELAND already jumped on the weed wagon with programs like Bong Appétit and Weediquette, and now Netflix joins the ranks with the similarly irreverent Cooking on High. This is one of Netflix’s first forays into the controversial topic, other than its short-lived comedy Disjointed, which starred Kathy Bates as the

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