Tutor caught cooking marijuana tea

DUBAI: A farming tutor caught cooking marijuana tea was hauled into the Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday.

The Asian tutor, 52, planted and harvested marijuana at his workplace in Al Hebab. He was caught with 0.26g of cannabis and a vessel filled with a liquid containing 4.26g of Indian cannabis.

During court questioning he argued that another workmate (GZ) was the one who planted the marijuana. Judge Mohamed Jamaal Kaamil adjourned the ruling till Jul.10. He was remanded in custody.

An Emirati major said a source alerted them a drug abuser, GZ, planted marijuana. “We stormed the farm and arrested him. The tutor attracted our attention as he shivered and looked perplexed.

“We seized him on suspicion he was under influence of drugs…He told us he

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