Netflix Debuts First Cannabis Cooking Show

On Friday, Netflix debuted the world’s first ever “cannabis cooking show,” Cooking On High.

The new series combines the increasingly normalized use of marijuana products with the soaring popularity of shows like Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen and Iron Chef. It shows contestants whipping up dishes that are infused with THC, making them both delicious and psychoactive.

The show is hosted by Josh Leyva, known for a few film appearances in the last several years including Gaylo Returns and Dirty 30. He also posts regularly on YouTube, where he has over 2 million subscribers, and he has a massive following on Instagram. While Leyva portrays himself as a fitness fanatic, he proves on Cooking On High that he is no stranger to stoner culture.

The show seems to be structured around the assumption that viewers will be partaking as they watch. It has a slow, meandering pace and a carefree approach to its

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