6 Sensational Cannabis Cookbooks

Let’s face it: Store-bought edibles can be boring.

No matter where you go, you’ll find cookies, candy and the ubiquitous brownie. The more adventurous spots may carry savory snacks or — if you’re really lucky — knockoff Cheetos, but you’re never going to find a buffet of medicated foods to suit every appetite and diet.

But with the right cannabis cookbook in your collection, you can expand your edible menu beyond pre-packaged foods to five-course gourmet meals — without having to leave your own kitchen.

No matter which one you buy, the first 30 or so pages will be the same, offering a beginner’s guide to weed, a dosing guide and recipes for oil and butter, the building blocks of almost every edible. Once the cookbooks lay out the basics, they can get into

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