Oakland cannabis company nabs Bay Area chef to create new gourmet edibles line

Chef Dennis Lee has been named Edibles Director at Oakland’s Sublime Canna. Photo: Eva Kolenko

A popular San Francisco stonepot chef is looking to the East Bay to reimagine getting stoned on pot. Namu Gaji and Namu Stonepot chef Dennis Lee, who also served as founding chef at S.F.’s Magnolia Gastropub and Smokestack, was recently named Edibles Director at Oakland’s Sublime Canna, in a notable hire in the Bay Area cannabis edibles scene.

“You can expect that we’re going to take some of the old standards and apply what we would consider to be kind of an artisan and high-end experience in terms of flavor and quality,” Sublime Canna CEO Alex Fang told Nosh, describing the brand’s new vision for artisan edibles with Lee on board. “You’re going to be getting some form factors that do

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