Hotel workers ate chocolate left behind by guests. But it wasn’t regular candy, Vermont police say

Employees at a Vermont hotel helped themselves to what looked like a sweet treat — and ended up ingesting drugs, officials said.

Two California guests at the Inn at Shelburne Farms didn’t want to take the chocolate with them, so they left it behind Wednesday morning, Shelburne News reported. Two hotel workers ate the chocolate after finding it in a box labeled “salted caramel chocolates,” according to the Burlington Free Press. The chocolate looked like “Whoppers” (malted milk balls), police said, per the newspaper.

Then the women became ill, authorities said. One of them was found lying in the hotel parking lot, Vermont Public Radio reported. They were both taken to a Burlington hospital, the radio station said. Authorities haven’t commented on the workers’ current conditions.

“They certainly weren’t in any shape to work,” Officer Joshua Flore told the Burlington Free Press.

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