8 Healthy Cannabis Edibles You’ll Find In California | Leafly

Cannabis-infused edibles, in theory, represent the oldest, healthiest and most natural way to consume THC, CBD, and other therapeutic chemical compounds found in the plant. Ironically, however, cannabis is all-too-often the healthiest ingredient. 

 “Eating your weedies” allows the body to process cannabinoids more thoroughly and with far longer-lasting effects, thanks to absorption through the stomach and liver. 

According to the data miners at BDS Analytics, gummies are by far the most popular, with sales in January 2018 showing that “California consumers went positively nutso for gummies, buying enough to capture 71 percent of all candy sales.”

But that’s slowly changing as the market matures. Consumers are demanding options catering to specific dietary needs. Savvy canna-shoppers in legal states can now find sugar-free, vegan, paleo, raw, and gluten-free edibles options.

If you happen to be in California, here’s a round-up of healthy edibles so you no longer have to choose between your diet and

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