Pallister mulls closing cannabis loophole as checking cookies could pose challenges

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says he’ll look at possibly closing a legal loophole that forbids people from smoking cannabis in public places but allows them to eat it.

Pallister says the provinces are trying hard to develop rules quickly enough to meet the federal government’s plan to legalize recreational cannabis later this year.

He says there are bound to be glitches and the allowance for edibles may be one of them.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister acknowledged Thursday that the current Manitoba cannabis laws contain a loophole that could cause problems enforcing public consumption of pot brownies and edibles. (John Woods/Canadian Press)

Manitoba’s cannabis laws forbid smoking or vaping of marijuana in public places but make no mention of edible products.

Pallister says he has discussed the issue with police, who are concerned about how they would go about checking people’s cookies and brownies.

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