High Times Seeks Revival in Crowded Landscape for Pot Publishers

High Times, the cannabis-themed magazine founded more than four decades ago, once had the stoner audience largely to itself.

Then came the legalization of marijuana in states across the U.S., which brought a surge of marijuana news providers — along with a push by mainstream media sources to beef up their coverage. One outlet, Merry Jane, was co-founded by an unlikely media mogul: the rapper Snoop Dogg.

Now, High Times is looking to reclaim its territory. Under new owners, the magazine aims to fend off the competition and establish itself as a voice in a more sophisticated era for pot. The publication still sees itself as the biggest media brand for an industry that could generate $75 billion in cannabis sales by 2030.

“We’re the 800-pound gorilla,” Adam Levin, chief executive officer of High Times Holding Corp., said in an interview.

A growing

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