June 6, 2018

We toasted over Campari cocktails with a spritz and grapefruit, munched on won ton crisps dunked in edamame dip. Everything was homemade and gluten free, in a vague attempt to accommodate Mr. Noterdaeme’s warm-weather allergies. There were quail eggs pickled in rice vinegar and fresh beet juice and topped with chives and freshly grated horseradish […]

Bubby’s For a self-proclaimed “bad-boy Jew”, Ron Silver has done pretty well. He operates two massively popular Bubby’s restaurants in New York – and seven in Japan. He and wife Melissa have four adorable kids. He even co-authored a book on Bubby’s Homemade Pies in 2007. Now, Silver’s tapping his rebellious roots to launch a […]

DGAP-Media / 01.06.2018 / 08:42 JIBBIT-High-tech makes Cannabis safe – Revolutionary concept for doctors, pharmacies and patients – Blockchain use stops recipe forgeries – Also a platform for online consultation hours in preparation MONHEIM. The legalization of medical cannabis in Germany and other countries raises a far-reaching problem: Counterfeit prescriptions are accumulating more and more […]

About Matthew Singer A native Southern Californian, Arts Culture Editor Matthew Singer gentrified Portland in 2008. He is an advocate for the canonization of the Fishbone and Oingo Boingo discographies, believes pro-wrestling is a serious art form and has no interest in Game of Thrones. He is also a Lakers fan. Unfortunately, he doesn’t plan […]

There are many ways to earn money in the marijuana industry without growing or selling marijuana flower. Increasingly, the most popular is through the creation of cannabis-infused edibles. There’s also perhaps never been a better time to enter the industry. Colorado, Oregon and Washington were forerunners on legal recreational marijuana. But with Nevada and California […]