7 Superfood Recipes That Prove Healthy Food Tastes Better in a Bowl

What is it about food served in a bowl that makes it so appealing? Bowls definitely make it easier to scoop up all the tasty ingredients (and coming from someone who leaves most meals with at least one embarrassing shirt stain, the bowl is my friend). Plus, there’s something about a bowl that makes you feel as cozy as being tucked into bed at night.

Bottom line, we know you can’t go wrong with bowl food so we reached out to Lindsay Cotter of Cotter Crunch, who is certainly no stranger to the bowl fad. She puts her own unique twist on the trend and shows us how to break out the bowl by adding the healthiest superfoods. These seven bowl recipes are high in fiber and protein and gluten-free, so you can find us eating out of a bowl all week long. If you want more recipes like

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