5 Women Winning In The Cannabis Industry

The percent of women in executive positions in the marijuana industry has dramatically fallen in the last two years. The Marijuana Business Journal reports that  “women now hold 27 percent of executive-level roles in the marijuana industry, down from 36 percent” in 2015. The good news is that they are still leading more companies than their counterparts in other industries. Women in the cannabis industry make up 23 percent of all executives according to The Marijuana Business Journal.

In some segments of the marijuana industry, women are smashing the average numbers when it comes to executive leadership. According to some statistics they “comprise 42 percent of the executive positions at ancillary services companies, for instance, and 35 percent of medical dispensaries/recreational stores.”

Women are making their mark in the industry in a variety of ways including as executives, legal cannabis business license holders, and lawyers.  

These five women rose from the

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