Concentrated Cannabis Part III: Looking Beyond the Smoke · High …

Welcome to Part III of our “Concentrated Cannabis” series. In our first installment, we examined the history of concentrates as well as the different types of extracts and how they are produced. In Part II, we discussed the latest techniques for extraction and how concentrates affect the body and mind. Now, in the latest installment of the series, we examine the benefits of cannabis concentrates that are not smoked or vaped.

By now, most readers are aware of how cannabis concentrates are consumed—and are familiar with the ensuing sense of euphoria and well-being. Whether dabbed on a nail, sprinkled on top of a bowl of flowers or vaped in an e-pen, there’s nothing quite like exhaling the smoke from a tasty, terp-filled dab. Thanks to different combinations of terpenes (the essential oils lending cannabis its various aromas and flavors) and cannabinoids, extractions of different strains can be used to achieve an

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