Two Toronto Officers Charged After Allegedly Taking Edibles While on Duty

Two Toronto officers who allegedly took edibles while on duty back in late January of 2018, Vittorio Dominelli and Jamie Young, have been charged with attempting to obstruct justice and breach of trust.

The two officers were only busted when they called for emergency assistance at about 1 a.m. because one of them got stuck in a tree.

CBC News reports that the officers complained of hallucinations. They were both found in a police vehicle and then taken to a hospital to be treated. It is believed that Dominelli and Young obtained the edibles following a raid of the marijuana dispensary Community Cannabis Clinic. Basically, this is the plot of a buddy cop movie gone terribly wrong.

To make matters worse, Dominelli and Young had some unexpected company when they were taken to the hospital for treatment. The female officer who responded to the scene sustained a serious head injury after slipping on ice. The

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