Legalized pot is coming and you might be surprised to see the faces behind the cannabis industry

Edmonton-based Shandi Nickolet was a teacher for more than a decade. He taught physical education — and myriad other subjects — in Nova Scotia and northern Alberta. Around two years ago, excited by the prospect of the budding cannabis industry, he decided to change career paths.

Now with National Access Cannabis, a medical marijuana supplier, he is hoping the city will grant his company a licence to operate a retail cannabis store on Whyte Avenue. As a former educator, the 41-year-old has seen first-hand the impact of cannabis on youth.

He said students these days can access easily access illegal cannabis, adding that regulating sales can mitigate risk. To demonstrate this, he recalls when a guest lecturer once asked his class of Grade 10 and 11 students whether it would be easier for them to access alcohol or cannabis.

“The resounding response from the students in the class was that they’d have to

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