Ask a Pot Doc: Dr. Allan Frankel on How Cannabis Saved His Life and His Work

Photo via iStock/ Creative-Family

Frankly, marijuana doctors don’t always have the best reputation. Before the days of recreational cannabis, getting a medical marijuana recommendation from a “420 doc” was the only way to legally access the sweet leaf (in states that allowed it). Obtaining one was often as simple as strolling into a strip-mall office, paying a fee, briefly talking to the doctor about insomnia, writer’s cramp, or whatever condition one was willing to claim, and leaving with a document that would magically open dispensary doors to one’s dank desires.

Now, as public acceptance of the plant grows through the expansion of medical and adult-use cannabis programs across America, a wider variety of medical professionals are taking marijuana seriously as a treatment for epilepsy, brain damage, chronic pain, and a variety of other conditions. More

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