The Best Royal Wedding Food, From Queso Cake to Ginger Cookies

how to throw a royal wedding watch party

Get your royal wedding recipes ready. Courtesy Velveeta

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding dining options are bucking culinary tradition, whether it’s by foregoing fruitcake or featuring food trucks. They’re even serving trendy superfoods bowls so guests can mingle, letting Suits stars properly socialize with lesser members of the royal family.

If you’re searching for your own innovative recipes to serve while Prince Harry and Markle tie the knot, we have a few suggestions—no kale required. Instead, try Velveeta’s golden macaroni and cheese or Van Leeuwen’s wedding cake ice cream for a truly regal treat.

For Cocktails: Drink Soda Wearing Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Fascinator 

princess beatrice hat

You can craft your own tiny fascinators. Courtesy SodaStream

SodaStream auctioned off an exclusive set of limited edition bottles wearing tiny fascinators modeled

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