POT TOPICS: Nephew names strain after Markle, ‘Ashley’s Law’ passes IL Senate – Chicago Sun

Meghan Markle’s nephew unveils weed strain named after the royal bride

This week, Meghan Markle’s nephew unveiled a new cannabis strain named for the American actress in the lead-up to Saturday’s royal wedding.

Tyler Dooley, 25, is growing his new strain — “Markle Sparkle” — in honor of his aunt’s upcoming nuptials to Prince Harry, Leafbuyer reported.

The sativa-dominant hybrid is said to relieve pain, anxiety and insomnia, according to Dooley, a licensed medical cannabis grower in Oregon. It will be available is dispensaries in Oregon on June 2.

State Senate passes bill to give kids access to cannabis at schools

In a 50-2 vote, the Illinois Senate approved a bill Thursday that would allow parents or guardians to medicate children with medical cannabis at schools across the state.

State Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie, brought the bill to the floor of the Illinois House after the parents of 12-year-old Ashley Surin filed a federal lawsuit

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