Brew Your Own Buds

At first glance, the LEVO could easily be mistaken for a single-serve coffee machine or any other functional, yet unassuming kitchen appliance sitting on the counter. Except this sleek machine (the culinary equivalent of a little black dress) can turn any ordinary cooking, homeopathic or aromatherapy oils into cannabis-infused ingredients with just a press of a few buttons.

For the lucky residents in states that legally allow cannabis sales, many have moved from infusing their own butter or oils to conveniently purchasing infused butter and oil and pre-made, infused treats at local dispensaries. Still, there are others who must go through the timeless process of making their butter or oil on the stovetop — but not without some trial and error — until the rite of passage is perfected. (If that ever happens.)

Christina Bellman, the founder and CEO

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