Ardent Launches Make-Your-Own-Edible Kits And A Cannabis Decarboxylator

The Ardent Nova Decarb Machine

Shanel Lindsay is a lawyer who helped write the cannabis regulations for Massachusetts. She’s also an inventor and entrepreneur who’s created a small kitchen appliance, about the size and shape of a coffee-grinder, that will decarboxylate cannabis, rendering it ready to use. So far her company, Ardent, sold more than 14,000 of them. Now she is creating make-your-own edibles kits for consumers to use with the device.

To feel the effects of cannabis, the layer of acid attached to the plant’s THC and CBD molecules needs to be removed through a process called decarboxylization.  Heating causes this chemical reaction and that’s why users typically smoke cannabis, cook it into brownies or render it into an oil to add to other substances. You can’t get high eating a cannabis plant.

People who decarboxylate cannabis at home mostly use an oven, toaster oven or crock pot,

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