While people smoke it up, officials monitor Sacramento Cannabis Cup

State and local marijuana regulators monitored the Cannabis Cup at Cal Expo over the weekend to ensure vendors and organizers are complying with laws in the new world of weed festivals.

The festival is the first to allow recreational marijuana sales and use in the state. Organizers said regulators from the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control have visited the site multiple times leading up to and during the event.

Cannabis growers and edible and concentrate producers from across the state converged on the Cal Expo fairgrounds to promote their products.

Day two of the event was filled with “dabbing,” bong hits and old-fashioned smoking weed.

“Just trying things out, have a good time, relax — it’s the weekend — I’m off work. I got a baby sitter for my kids; I’m just trying to have a good time,” Leeza Hildebrand, a festivalgoer, said.

But while people were having a

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