Dear Dabby: How To Take a Proper Dose of Cannabis

 What is the right dosage for an edible?  — Indy Gestion

I wish I knew. Everyone is different. Body weight, personal tolerance levels, how much you’ve had to eat beforehand, all kinds of things factor into how an edible will make you feel. Anecdotal experience shows me that 10 mgs of THC per 100 pounds of person is a good rule of thumb. One way to get an idea of your ideal dosage without going too far is to get some of those “microdose” candies that are usually about 5 mgs of THC apiece, eat a few and keep track of how you feel. This should give you a good idea of what you can handle. Have fun.

I often get migraines the day after taking edibles. Is this unusual? — Brianne Payne

Not really unusual. You

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