11 No-Sugar Snacks That Skip the Refined Stuff but Not the Flavor

Snacking becomes infinitely more important once you start watching your sugar intake. When the munchies suddenly hit, finding something to hit the spot is a little harder when you can’t just run to the nearest vending machine and grab a bag of MMs.

Even though it takes a little more effort and creativity, sugar-free snacks can be way more filling. Plus, they won’t leave you spiraling toward a sugar crash before you can toss out the wrapper. These simple snacks are great to make in bulk and just keep on-hand—whether that’s in the freezer, your backpack, a jar by your bed, or maybe just in your pocket. (We won’t judge!) That way, you’ll be prepared to spring into snacking action whenever and wherever the next bout of hanger hits.

These snacks are all refined sugar-free so you can guarantee you’re not getting any of the white stuff in there. A couple of

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