Company offers help to pot entrepreneurs

BOSTON – Hoping to give entrepreneurs a leg up amid the crush of businesses fighting for a piece of the newly-legal marijuana market, a company that grows and processes pot plans to launch a small-business accelerator program that it is billing as the first in the nation.

Sira Naturals, which grows more than 60 strains of marijuana and turns it into cookies, caramels and other edibles, is partnering with G-Tek Labs to start the Sira Accelerator to “provide cannabis entrepreneurs an immediate path-forward, slicing through barriers to entry, and accelerating them to profitability.”

“What we’re really aiming to do is help small businesses, small entrepreneurs who are interested in getting into the cannabis space, dramatically reduce some of the key barriers to entry,” Michael Dundas, president and CEO of Sira Naturals, told the News Service. He added, “Trying to cut through

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