Creative expression: Some studios invite cannabis fans to paint and puff – The Spokesman

Paint and sip classes have been a popular social activity in the Spokane area for several years.

Paint Nite classes, which launched in Boston in 2012 and are now found in more than 1,700 cities in the United States and Canada, can be seen at tasting rooms, bars and art studios. Several local establishments offering step-by-step painting instruction plus alcohol have opened their doors since 2014, like Pinot’s Palette and Sip’n Paint Studio.

And while a glass of wine or frosty beer might get one’s creative juices flowing, others may be interested in artistic inspiration from another adults-only substance: cannabis.

The concept is already available in Denver, including “Puff, Pass and Paint,” a studio started by artist Heidi Keyes, who was already teaching community art classes, sans cannabis, when recreational use was illegal in Colorado. Once it became legal, friends suggested she offer “420-friendly” classes in the paint and sip style.

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