A Delicious Look at CBD Edibles From The Goodship

After years of cannabis production, certain techniques and refinement methods have become favored throughout the industry for their cleanliness, preservation of aroma and flavor, consistency, and quality. Producers and processors who employ these methods often hold themselves and their products to the highest possible standards. We sat down with one such producer, Goodship*, one of Washington state’s premier infused edibles companies.

Founded by Jody Hall, a Seattle-based entrepreneur who helped develop Starbucks early on before starting her own cupcake company, Cupcake Royale, Goodship is comprised of a close-knit cadre of culinary, computational, and creative dynamos. One of the gifted gastronomers is Nicki Kerbs, who was gracious enough to give us a tour of the facility and answer a few cannabis-infused questions regarding the formulation of their delicious CBD-rich products.

Leafly: What sets Goodship apart from other edibles producers?

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