A vegan taco chef on the joys of cooking high, and the best food to make while you’re stoned

When chef Raul Medina gets the munchies, he’s ready to cook. The Santa Ana chef is behind a vegan taco pop-up in Oakland, Los Angeles and Orange County called Taqueria la Venganza. He’s also a stoner chef.

Medina recently competed on the Go90 web show “High Cuisine,” in which chefs are tasked with cooking a dish while high. Spoiler alert: His longtime use of marijuana served him well.

The chef, who has been a vegan for the last nine years, worked in a variety of odd jobs before transitioning to vegan taco chef. He’s been a paralegal at an immigration office, a pharmacy tech, a sales rep for an electric company, and he’s also worked at Costco. About three years ago, the chef started testing out his vegan taco recipes on dates. Now you can find him slinging vegan tacos every Tuesday at Mission Bar in Santa Ana

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