Will Marijuana Industry Overtake Beer As Legalization Spurs Innovation?

On the leading edge of the flourishing marijuana industry is MedMen’s West Hollywood cannabis dispensary, which resembles an Apple (AAPL) store crossed with an upscale ski lodge. Touch-screen tablets on large, hazelnut tables display the buds’ names and their prices. Clear, snowglobe-sized pods containing pot samples have a small latch at the top that customers can open to take in the fragrance. A staff member, one of many in a red MedMen T-shirt, relays customer orders via a small, clip-on microphone to a pickup counter.


Big money is pouring into the legal cannabis market, potentially steering more U.S. consumer spending toward weed. And as the marijuana industry evolves into everyday consumerism, struggling beer and tobacco companies might find an avenue for new business in some of the increasingly popular products in Med Men’s store: the cannabis drinks stacked in a refrigerator near the corner, or

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