Chicago-based magazine cooks up pot-infused recipes – Chicago Sun

A pair of Chicago-based publishing veterans released the second issue of their cannabis cooking magazine Friday, casting aside the “special brownies” of yesteryear to focus on high-minded fare from award-winning chefs.

Laura Yee and Joline Rivera partnered to publish the first issue of Kitchen Toke in November. The duo specifically planned to drop the second issue on April 20, better known by pot proponents as 4/20, the unofficial cannabis holiday.

Yee, who serves as the editor-in-chief, previously wrote for The Plain-Dealer in Cleveland before moving to Chicago to contribute to a restaurant trade magazine. Rivera, the creative director, made cookbooks for Meredith Publishing and contributed to various magazines.

Joline Rivera | Provided photo

Rivera started thinking about undertaking a cannabis-related project when she saw the comforting effect the drug had on the father of a co-worker who was dying from cancer. She said the experience influenced her

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