7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes You Haven’t Tried Before

We do everything and anything to make mornings tolerable. From coffee pots that brew on their own to alarm clocks that simulate a sunrise, we take all the help we can get. Then there’s breakfast. Until we can get a robot to make it for us as soon as we get out of bed, we have to fend for ourselves. But with the help of Aimee Ryan from Wallflower Kitchen, mornings just went from tolerable to enjoyable, no matter what your diet calls for. Check out the following vegan recipes, from fluffy pancakes to fruity French toast and sweet smoothies, so you can finally master mornings (no matter how enticing the snooze button is).

french toast

Sunday brunch has arrived… early! No need to wait for the weekend for your favorite French toast. Just whisk the wet ingredients, coat

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