Nearly 100 more medical marijuana dispensaries could be coming to NJ

New Jersey could see nearly 100 medical marijuana dispensaries under a revised plan to bolster the state’s medical marijuana program, which state officials recently advanced.

Last month, Gov. Phil Murphy called for several key changes to New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, including adding more places patients could buy weed and getting rid of a requirement that prevented some doctors for participating.

Murphy’s call has largely been answered by a bill that was passed last week by an Assembly committee, meaning it now awaits a full vote in that chamber. The bill pulls ideas from several plans that have previously been proposed and has been sponsored by eight members of the Assembly.

“So far this is clearly the most comprehensive medical marijuana bill we’ve seen,” said Ken Wolski, executive director of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey.

The plan only affects the medical marijuana program in New Jersey and is separate from the ongoing debate about

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