Microdosing Cannabis Edibles: Finding the Best Product for You

Microdosing has been causing a stir in the cannabis space, offering a mellow alternative to the more commonly found high-THC products. Advocates for the “less is more” approach point to smaller doses ramping up better benefits when it comes to THC and CBD. Take Shannon Barnett—the subject of a story we covered centering on the positive qualities of microdosing CBD—who found that just a couple of drops of infused tincture made a world of difference when addressing her chronic pain. A difference she hadn’t seen when trying stronger doses in a number of products.

All bodies are different; 50mg of THC may produce in one person the same effects that 10mg THC delivers to another. You might find that a dose as low as 5mg THC is the sweet spot for you, especially if you’re looking to harness the benefits of cannabis without the

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