Meet the Canna Nannas: Teaching pensioners how to grow and cook cannabis

The latest push for more open laws around medical cannabis is coming from a group of grandmothers who call themselves the Canna Nannas.

Inspired by US-based advocacy group Grass for Grannies, the Canna Nannas are conducting workshops around Australia’s east coast to teach seniors about the health benefits of cannabis.

The idea developed during a road trip the women took to Melbourne last year the grannies’ workshops have since been gathering momentum.

(A Current Affair)

With information pamphlets, merchandise, cooking utensils and gardening tools, the Canna Nannas are keen to share their passion of cannabis as a dietary supplement.

A Current Affair was invited to attend one of the Nannas’ controversial demonstrations, where the they showed the audience how to blend, slow cook cannabis.

Using regular herbs instead of illegal cannabis during the demonstration, they claim that consuming cannabis can boost health and treat symptoms of old age.

“Cannabis does for us what spinach does

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