The Canna-beat Cub

Everyone’s talking about marijuana—not to mention smoking it, eating it, vaping it, or rubbing it all over their bodies.

Just the other day, the San Francisco Chronicle GreenState website announced the winners of its 2018 Cannabis Awards. The Hepburns took the prize for “Best Pre-Rolls” and Kyle Kushman took the honors for “Best Cultivator.” HerbaBuena and its sensual lubricant won for “Best Intimacy Product.”

Berkeley, of course, won hands down for “Best Cannabis City.”

This was all just a few days after the editor in chief of this fine publication asked me if I wanted to write something about marijuana. She assumed I was a “pot expert” because I’ve written a couple books about psychedelic drugs.

My marijuana story needed a Cal angle and the first thing that popped into my head was a flashback—not an LSD

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