How to Stand Out From the Crowd: Entrepreneurial Lessons from Jeff the 420 Chef

The following is an extended excerpt of Javier Hasse’s book Start Your Own Cannabis Business. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes Noble | IndieBound

Few stories illustrate how one can build a business raising little or no capital whatsoever like that of Jeff the 420 Chef — and some others we will look into at the end of this story.

Jeff started making pot brownies a few years ago and has since been dubbed “The Julia Child of Weed,” built a brand out of his name, invented the FreeLeaf™ process for deep cleaning marijuana flowers, published The 420 Gourmet cookbook, created the podcast Wake and Bake and started The Cannabis Cooking Channel on YouTube. Of course, the cannabis industry has changed substantially since Jeff first got into it, but there are a few takeaways that

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