San Diego’s climate action plan puts hitch in marijuana supply chain – The San Diego Union

  • Approval of pot farms and marijuana edible factories in San Diego is being delayed by environment hurdles.
  • The city’s climate action plan is forcing applicants to do greenhouse gas studies.
  • A local supply chain would eliminate the need to truck marijuana in from elsewhere and help prevent a black market.

San Diego may not have a local supply chain for its marijuana dispensaries as quickly as expected because of rigorous city environmental approvals and other regulatory hurdles facing indoor pot farms and factories for edible products.

The 65 applicants seeking to open such businesses in San Diego are facing requirements for studies of their energy use, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in order to gauge their compliance with the city’s climate action plan.

The applicants are also unsure what kind of lengthy reviews they might face under state environmental law because city officials haven’t decided whether to require comprehensive environmental impact reports or more

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