WeHo Rolls Out Licenses For Cannabis Consumption Lounges

West Hollywood released details on how to secure one of the 40 coveted licenses required to open a cannabis-related business. Yesterday’s announcement outlines the process which will result in a significant expansion of the city’s cannabis industry. This includes cannabis consumption areas, or lounges which are spaces to consume cannabis products. WeHo is planning for a total of 16 consumption lounges, where consumers can actually smoke or vape cannabis or eat THC-infused foods or beverages.

The city is preparing for a rush of applications, and the process begins with screening all proposed cannabis businesses. There are no requirements to have a brick and mortar location before applying, and each application will be evaluated and rated by an independent five-member committee. In November, West Hollywood City Council adapted a Cannabis Ordinance with specific criteria that must be met by each applicant during the screening process.

Businesses will receive

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