Choose Your Own High: The Future of Edibles Is Customizable

All photos by Randy Robinson or courtesy of incredibles

Over the past few years, cannabis-infused gummies have become some of the hottest edibles available in the legal industry. According to BDS Analytics, gummies made up just over a quarter of all edibles sales in Colorado in 2016. That’s a sizable chunk of the market, considering gummies are competing with chocolates, lollipops, bubble gums, cookies, cakes, and countless other food items that can be heightened with THC. But crafting the perfect infused gummy requires pin-point finesse, since striking the ideal ratio of oil-to-flavor is a perpetual balancing act.

And now that cannabis consumers are developing refined palates not just for tasty edibles, but also for custom-tailored highs (aka “directional” or “functional” highs), the industry faces a new challenge: transferring a strain’s specific mood into concentrates or foodstuffs. It’s no longer about simply getting lifted; for today’s cannabis connoisseurs, it’s

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